Friday, April 15, 2016

Technology Lost In The Bush

I have been creating something to catch rain water if your lost in the bush and you forget water. My idea is to make three pipes out of flax, a funnel out of a huge leaf to catch the water. I have made a round shape out of leaves. Something that challenged me was creating pipes out of flax it kept falling apart so I persevered and fixed it every time. I decided to change my plan and make a different type of pipe.
The first pipe  I made I rolled up two bits of flax into the shape of a circle, then I cut the top off.
Next I made the flax the size I was happy with it. On one of the circles I put a bit of flax in the middle of the one circle then on the top of that bit of flax I put the other circle then I kept adding more bits of flax the same length. I went around the hole thing until there where no more.
For this pipe for this pipe I glued the flax together in the shape of a circle.
Something that challenged me was trying to discover another way to create a pipe that doesn't
collapse every night.