Thursday, March 24, 2016

Fun at camp Omatua

I had lots of fun at camp. One of my favorite things was fear factor. When it was my turn to 
get blind folded Mrs H said a sentence about what I was about to eat. She said "it's slimy it's 
slippy and it's alive!" She wiggled it on my hand and it felt like a eel I screamed "ow yuk whats
that" and chucked it away I took the blind fold off to see what it was it was a long gross and green it's a gherkin. Something that was hard for me was trying to sleep because my cabin was so noisy that I had to lie there until every one else was asleep.        
Don't fall down Mrs R Jada's about    
to win. 
Jack zooming
"Getting to the end of the water slide,"

Our mummy                                                Scary!

                     My bag                        

Me and my friends on the see-saw 
Class hand ball

Dressing the parents up as mummy's.
Don't forget your toilet paper!

Funny face    
Jack's funny face

The huge spider.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Nail Art


                                    It was very hard to make my nail art my personal best.
                                     To make my nail art I had to draw my nick name
                                    in bloke on a bit of paper the size of my wood.
                                     Then we put a tiny bit of glue take on our letters
                                and stick them on the wood in the place you wood like to
                                   put them . But don't put your paper to close to the edge
                                 or your wood will chip when you bang the nails in. Next
                           hammer the nails in on the corners first then hammer the nails in
                                   in places where it is easy to tie the the string. When you are ready
                                   chose the colors of string you would like to have on the nails
                                  tie a double knot on one of the nails bring it around the hole
                                 letter then when you get it to the nail you started at you can
                                        do a cool parent when you finish met bake at the nail you
                                               started at and tie it with the extra bit of string
                                            now you have a master peace of art.                                                

google form

This is my google form it tells people about my self.
You read the question and the answers below.
Click the circle next to the answers you think is right.
The first question is what is my little brothers name? the answers are
Now click the circle beside the answer you chose.
Totara Whanau made google forms to tell the class about themselves.