Thursday, June 2, 2016



Are you bored and have to play outside with nothing to do? Well I know exactly what to do find your first geocache it’s fun and easy!
  • Phone or gps (A gps is like a phone that tells you coordinates.
  • Maybe some trads for swapping toys (trads are toys)
  • maybe you might chose to have a bag with lots of spare equipment like a pair of tweezers, or if you have found over 100 then you might want to have some spare geocaches in case you find a good hiding place.
1.  Go to your app store and writ in geocaching and there will be an geocaching app or you can type geocaching
on your device and there will be lots of apps click the top one there will be a video you can watch and under that there is a box called geocaching premium write everything in there it tells you to.        

2. Click your phone and a map should appear on your screen and you can click on one of the dot's and follow the compass and set off to go find your first geocache.
3. Steps to find your first geocache
Find where it says hint that will give you a clue to where the geocache is some times it will say look at tittel.(a shorter word for geocache is cache) they can be any shapes and sizes some might be in a tree branch or a piece of bark sometimes you can find one that's bigger than you. A rule about caching is if you take a toy from a cache you have to swop one. If you're hiding one you're not allowed to bury them because we don’t want people
going digging holes everywhere! Cachs can even be a fake post or screw. Cachs can take you to amazing places you have never been before like exciting bush walks or an outstanding parks it can take you on magnificent holiday some cachs have fun things that you
need to dig your hands through. Most cachs tell you in the description how big it is. So stop dozing and start caching.       

Map of geocaches on the Geocaching iPhone appthis is similar picture what your phone will look like

with the map on it.  

We are learning to write a story about something that were good at that we can shear (share) with others mine is how to find a geocache. Give it a go! I put lots of detale(detail) into it so more people can start caching. Next time 
I think I'm going to start more sentences with verbs because I found this tricky.

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  1. Wow Ashley! I think this should be published on the geocaching site for newbies (people who are new to geocaching). They will learn everything that they need to know just by reading this because you have included lots of detail. My favourite part is "So stop dozing and start caching," because it made me smile. Well done!