Thursday, June 30, 2016

Matariki Week


We are learning about Matariki. Matariki is a time for family, fun and happiness.
What Matariki means is the seven sisters the seven sisters are seven stars that only come out at
this time of year. Together all the stars in the sky are called a constellation.
The sisters are easy to spot just before dawn. Matariki is the celebration of the Maori new year. There are seven stars there names are Uru-a-rangi,   Tupu-a-nuku,   Mataiki,   Tupu-a-rangi , Waipuna-a-rangi,  Waia and  Waita. The youngest is Uru-a-rangi. Maori sailors use the stars to direct them the right way.

For Matariki week a group of kids from our hub painted a  mural. I got to paint the mural I designed for Matariki. One of the learning muscle I used was my planing muscle to plan the way my composition looked. The mural had to have something in it that represented Parkvale school. In my design there is the seven stars in the sky  tmata-peak(Te Mata) with the giant lying on top then there are 5 trees for the 5 house Kea  green Pukeko red Hoiho yellow Tui blake Takake blue. Next there is s waka with lots of children on it and a river with kuros in it.   

   This is my plan  

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